Ancient Olympia

In ancient Olympia, there was the most glorious sacred temple of ancient Greece, dedicated to the god Zeus. Ancient Olympia was also the place where the Olympic games were conducted, one of the most important Greek celebrations during ancient times. Similar celebrations could be found in the areas of Delphoi, known as ”Pythia” in honour of god Apollo, Corinth canal, known as ”Isthmia” in honour of god Neptune and  ”Nemea” also in honour of god Zeus in his temple in Nemea.
Within the ancient city’s boundaries, the ancient Olympia museum can be found, housing one of the most famous sculptures of ancient Greece, Hermes of Praxiteles. A marble sculpture depicting god Hermes holding baby god Dionysus. Some claim that Praxiteles was the artist who sculpted the marble cluster while Plinius refers to a similar synthesis which his father Kifisodotus had created. Remarkable remains the fact that during the period when the Olympic games were conducted, peace prevailed throughout the globe.

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