Costa Navarino

Voidokilia is a beach in Messinia, considered to be in of the most beautiful across the Mediterranean sea. It is famous mainly due to its circular shape that resembles to the letter Ω. Located northern of Pylos, on the banks of Ionion bay  and touches the sea- lake of Gialova separated by a strip of sand cliffs. The beach as well as the vast area around it is well known for its natural beauty and is part of the network Natura 2000. On the southern end of Voidokilia, cape Korifasio can be found where the ruins of the city of Pylos are sited. One can reach the beach by a dirt road, crossing the perimeter of sea- lake Gialova, a dirt road from Petrochori village and- or a path from Divari beach. There you can find one of the richest summer resorts of Europe, Costa Navarino.