In the city of Delphi, there is the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world. Since the time of Homer, the city is referred to as Pitho. In the beginning of historical time, Delphi was just a city of ancient Fokida, but gradually transformed to a sacred place for all ancient Greeks. It was also the centre of Delphic Amphictyony. It was also the home of the famous to all oracle of Delphi, where kings from all over the country reached in order to obtain advice from the oracle’s priest and listen to the prophecies before any battle. The archaeological site is built up on the mountain rocks, with an amazing view of one of the most popular ski resorts of Greece, Arachova. Delphi oracle preserved its significance till the end of 4th century A.C. , when  emperor Theodosios the 1st ordered the end of its operation.

The price includes a 2-way ride + 2 hours of standby/waiting time so that you can visit the site.