Diros Caves

The cave of Glyfada (or Vlychada) Dirou is one of the most beautiful and picturesque caves in the whole world. The locals knew of its existence since 1900 but no one knew of its hidden miracle inside the cave till 1949. Till 1960, 1600 m. were explored and mapped, whereas the cave’s currently known length is more than 15 km. During 1970, the first underwater exploration took place in a place of the cave where the depth reaches approximately 100 m. This cave started forming hundreds of years ago. The stalactites and the stalagmites which now merge from the water were formed when the level of the sea water was much lower than nowadays. Water inside the cave is chest and is known for its high inclemency. The water’s temperature is approximately 14 C, while the air’s temperature ranges from 16 C to 19 C. The cave’s natural entrance has a half meter diameter and is very close to the water sea levels. During older times, there were more entrances to the cave which gradually shut. Fossilized panther, hyena, lion, deer and ferret bones have been discovered inside the cave as well as the largest deposit of Hippopotamuses in Europe. Next to its natural entry scientists have discover ceramics which imply human existence.

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